Travel Friendly 2nd Cleansers 

In 2017, I spent 97 nights in a hotel, mostly for short work trips, and took a lot of flights. Planes turn me into a pathological germaphobe. I travel with 3 types of sanitizing wipes - Wet Wipes for armrest, air vents, and tray table, Purell wipes for my hands, Zeiss wipes for electronics - and … Continue reading Travel Friendly 2nd Cleansers 

Neogen Dermatology Dual Layer Ceramide Oil Review

I feel like this is THE product for people who think they’re missing out. For example, if you’ve heard about the wonders of horse oil but can’t get over the idea of dead horses, this is a decent, vegan (there's no horse, but there is snail) alternative. If you find the texture of lotion or cream to … Continue reading Neogen Dermatology Dual Layer Ceramide Oil Review