Ciracle Snail Hydrogel Mask Review

I don't write a lot about sheet masks because I don't actually know very much about them. Unlike most steps in skincare, sheet masks are one area where I don't like trying new things. There are just too many potential pitfalls and ways for a mask to go wrong. Like this mask. I really, really wanted to like … Continue reading Ciracle Snail Hydrogel Mask Review

Spotlight on Horse Oil!

It seems like every couple of months, a new oil emerges as the new darling ingredient of beauty editors and natural-minded skincare folk everywhere. Coconut oil kicked off this trend in the late 2000's, I think, and since then we've seen argan, rosehip oil, grapeseed oil, seabuckthorn oil, and even dilo oil being championed as … Continue reading Spotlight on Horse Oil!