Sunscreen Ingredients: Zinc Oxide

    • Other names: ZnO
    • FDA Approval: Yes, up to 25%
    • Blocks UVA: Yes
    • Blocks UVB: Yes
    • Photo-stable: Yes

Interactions with Other ingredients:

Degrades avobenzone if uncoated. Used to enhance photo-stability of the final sunscreen product. Almost all zinc oxide in sunscreens is coated, with the occasional “all-natural” exception (i.e. Devita sunscreen). Also, even at a concentration of 25%, it is difficult for uncoated zinc oxide to achieve a SPF greater than 10.

Safety Concerns:

Less than 0.01% skin penetration in human volunteers with no evidence of hormone disruption. Potential concerns if inhaled.

Cosdna Rating: 1 for comedogenesis, 0 for irritation 

Beautypedia Rating: Best

EWG Rating: 2-3

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