Sponsorship and Press-Sample Policy

99% of the skincare products featured on this blog are purchased by me. I don’t accept a lot of press samples but will do so if the product is (1) interesting to me, (2) appropriate for my skin type, and (3) is something I likely would have purchased for myself.

Any reviews featuring a press sample will clearly state at the beginning of the review that the product was provided for free.

Affiliate Relationships

This blog makes use of affiliate links. What this means is that if you click on one of these links and make a purchase, I receive a small commission – usually 4-8%- from purchases made through these links.

These links do not add any additional cost to the product and the proceeds from these links directly go towards supporting this blog. Any post that contains affiliate links will be indicated in the disclosures section at the botton of the post.


16 thoughts on “Disclosures

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