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Face Oils Roundup – Winter 2016-2017

I was going to start this post with a declaration of love for face oils but then I remembered my friend who uses coconut oil for 90% of her skincare, body, hair, and teeth cleansing routine and thought ehh maybe my feelings are more along the lines of strong like.

Regardless, I have dry skin, which means it naturally doesn’t produce very much oil, so oils are useful for me. I also find them to be extremely versatile and easily incorporated in many different ways, such as:

  • Applied directly to skin
  • Adding a few drops to thinner cleansing oils to facilitate / prolong a deep oil massage before rinsing
  • Applied under a sheet mask
  • Mixed with emulsions or creams
  • On especially cold and windy days, I will sometimes apply multiple layers of moisturizer with a thin application of oil between each layer, which helps my skin absorb the multiple, thicker layers
  • Dotted around the eyes in place of eye cream

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mochitto awadate irazu face wash

Mochitto Mochi Mochi Awadate-Irazu Face Wash Without Bubbling Review

A few years ago, I worked in a building that had a newly open self-serve frozen yogurt shop on its ground floor. One of my coworkers and I figured out quickly that while the yogurt itself was terrible, there were other benefits to be had and so, in the afternoon, two or three times a week, we would make our way to the shop. She would get a cup and fill up with gummy bears and I would do the same but with mochi and cheesecake chunks.

The moral of that story is I freaking LOVE mochi. I love mochi filled with azuki beans, I love mochi covered in teriyaki sauce, I love mochi filled with ice cream, and baked mochi by itself!


Taken at Mochi Cream in Torrance, aka my main mochi dealer. I’m partial to the Raspberry Mille Feuille flavor, but honestly they are all magical.

So naturally, I had to have this mochi mochi cleanser the minute I laid my eyes on it. Luckily, it’s actually a really good cleanser because of course it is! Mochi would never fail me like that. All hail mochi! Continue reading

Komenuka Bijin Deep Moisture Jell Cream

On Komenuka Bijin and Rice Bran Oil

Komenuka Bijin is a Japanese skin care brand that utilizes rice bran as its star ingredient. Rice bran contains a form of liquefied Oryzanol (Vitamin B), which according to the marketing material can help soften the skin and regenerate new, healthy skin. Rice bran certainly is nutritious and I did manage to dig up this little bit of research (but small sample size and no access to full report = can’t comment on the robustness of the experiment’s design) demonstrating rice bran’s success in 1.) enhancing hydration and 2.) improving lightening, thickness, roughness, and elasticity in human skin. However, my guess is those results are due to Rice Bran oil’s occlusivity (aka moisture retention-ability, which is very good but not necessarily any better than more common oils such as jojoba, shea, or olive) more than its micronutrient content. If every oil did half the things it advertised, botox peddlers around the world would be out of business. They’re not.

This is the third product I’ve tried from Komenuka Bijin, the other two being the Body Care Cream (great for lizard-dry skin) and Makeup Base Cream (terrible in every way). I’m not sure why I purchased this but it’s probably a combination of my need for a night cream at the time and the discounted price and positive reviews on Amazon.

15 - 1

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