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Dr.Ci:Labo Aqua-Collagen-Gel Enrich-Lift-Ex Review

Seeing “Dr.” in the name of a skincare product usually kills any interest I have in it. Not only is the product guaranteed to lack any skincaretainment value but I also don’t like it when brands pander to “serious skincare” seekers. There have been two exceptions to this rule: Dr. Jart, which pretty consistently churns out products that I like, and Dr.Ci:Labo, who’s MO of throwing every buzzy skin ingredient in their products makes me willing to overlook their name and their love of abusing punctuation.

Today we are going to look at one of their more popular products, the Aqua-Collagen-Gel Enrich-Lift-EX.

Product Name
Dr.Ci:Labo Aqua-Collagen-Gel Enrich-Lift-EX / ドクターシーラボ アクアコラーゲンゲルエンリッチリフトEX  Continue reading


Swanicoco Fermentation Care Collection Review

In 2016, one of my favorite product discoveries was the Swanicoco Fermentation Snail Care Emulsion. I was blown away with not only its killer ingredient list but also its luxurious, silky texture. That’s why when Swanicoco reached out to me a few months ago and asked if I would be interested in testing and reviewing some other products, I immediately said yes! After some discussion on their different lines and my skin type, they recommended the Fermentation Care line, which I will be reviewing today!

This is a kind of super long review, so I set up a table of contents to make for easier navigation.

Table of Contents

Continue reading


Nov & Dec Empties

Happy 2017 everyone! These are my empties from November and December of 2016:

Benton Honest TT Mist
My 4th or 5th bottle? Honestly at this point I’ve lost track. Continue reading


Keshimin Sealing Milk Review

There are certain products, whether due to packaging, branding, or hype, generate a lot of excitement. This is not one of those. However, I have a lot of lotions. If you check my empties posts, you’ll notice I rarely finish any, yet this bottle is nearly empty and I’m a little sad to see it go. I guess this means I liked using this a lot more than I’ve been conscious of and so I felt compelled to properly review it.

Product Name
The Japanese name is 薬用ケシミン密封乳液. I’ve seen it referred to as Keshimin Sealing Milk and Milky Lotion.  Continue reading

femmue global youth spring lotion review

Femmue Global Youth Spring Lotion Review

My skin doesn’t get very oily, even during summer, but it does get sweaty, which is made worse 2309 times by the fact that my boyfriend doesn’t have air conditioning at his place.  Whenever I stay with him, I’ve been relying heavily on emulsions (moisturizers that have the texture in between a toner and cream) to keep my skin adequately moisturized. I’ve already written about some of the ones I’ve been using, but realized I never got around to reviewing this one from Femmue.

To be honest, I don’t find this lotion to be very exciting but since I had already taken confetti pictures, it felt like a waste not to use them. Don’t worry though, this review will be nice and short!


Product Name
Femmue Global Youth Spring Lotion Intense Continue reading

dearpacker mascream review

Dearpacker Moisture MasCream Review

As much as I love summer, it doesn’t make for interesting skincare, at least for my dry skin yup, I’m going to go ahead and blame the neglect of this blog the past couple of months on summer and now that autumn is upon us, I’m finally getting my act together and am busily stockpiling new products to get me through Los Angeles’s frigid winter months.


One of my recent acquisitions is this Dearpacker MasCream. I’ve been oogling Dearpacker’s whimsically packaged and delicious sounding products for literally over a year after first spotting them on a Korean beauty blog, so it’s about time I finally got around to trying their goods!

Product Name
Dearpacker Moisture MasCream Continue reading

aromatica calendula juicy cream

Aromatica Calendula Juicy Cream Review

While laying in bed the other night, unable to sleep, it occurred to me that the rise of Korean beauty might not have been possible without Kim Kardashian. Just hear me out! To the casual observer, a 10-step beauty routine may seem excessive, but it hardly compares to Kim. Kim Kardashian is the ultimate 10-step everything. After all, the woman waist-trains and wears double spanx, has a 50-step day time makeup routine, and for when she feels up to it, a 50-step contouring technique.

kim kardashian

She’s the antithesis of the effortless, je ne sais quoi, #wokeuplikethis girl. As far as I can gather, Kim Kardashian helped normalize multi-step rituals dedicated to self-beautification. She made it OK to admit to working hard to look nice, which is a nice change from the cool French girl obsession that really just celebrates beautiful people for doing nothing to maintain their beauty.

If French beauty is about simplicity, Korean beauty, like Kim Kardashian, is all about maximalism. It’s about recognizing and individually addressing each and every need, and constantly adjusting as needed. It’s the opposite of the one-step-fits-all approach and as such, through the K-beauty obsession, I’ve been able to find a crazy variety of products, including many dupes of Western products that suit my skin better than the originals.

This cream from Aromatica is one such product. The reason for that long-winded introduction is to try to explain why I’m so fond of this cream that is otherwise really boring. In a nutshell, this is a mineral-oil-free dupe for those French multi-tasking moisturizer creams (ie Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre, Avene Cicalfate, Ducray Ictyane) at a more affordable price point. Mineral oil isn’t a bad ingredient, broadly speaking, but it gives me cystic breakouts and every single French cream seems to have it. -_-

Onwards to the review!

FullSizeRender (1).jpg

Product Name
Aromatica Calendula Juicy Cream Continue reading

FullSizeRender (3)

3 Day Creams that Didn’t Work & Lessons Learned

This independence day weekend, I decided I am going to emancipate myself from the backlog of half-finished reviews taunting me from my drafts folder every time I log into my wordpress account. The issue is a lot of them are for products I’m very indifferent about and I just have nothing interesting to say about them. So instead of giving them their own reviews, I’m dumping them all into one short, sweet, but (hopefully) informative post which you are currently reading. Enjoy!

The Products:

centellaca 1.jpg

W. Lab Centellaca Reset Cream

Where does it go in my routine?
Last step before sunscreen. Continue reading

FullSizeRender (1)

Yuri Pibu Artichoke Power Essence Review

I generally don’t pay much attention when stores rave about their own products, because, of course they would, but that changes when they start picking favorites in a big way, like Glow Recipe did with this essence. I saw this post on Instagram, checked the ingredients and saw artichoke and ceramides on the list, and needed to have it.

FullSizeRender (1).jpg


The Claim
Whip saggy pores back into shape with the Yuripibu Artichoke Power Essence, formulated with 60% artichoke extract.  Continue reading


2Sol Deep Silky Moisture Review

Ever since finishing up my bottle of Neogen’s Cera Oil, I’ve been on the hunt for other essence oils, the non-mixing concoctions that are part essence, part oil, that you vigorously shake before applying to your face. After reading this rave review that first brought 2Sol as a brand to my attention, this product landed on my list and then on my lap. Unlike the Cera Oil, I didn’t fall in love with this strangely named product immediately. In fact, I didn’t even like it very much until I ran out, panicked, and realized I needed it back in my life.



The Claim
Moisturizing Serum maintains skin’s natural balance of oil and water (hydro-lipid layer) Continue reading