About Me

My first step into Asian Beauty nearly wrecked my skin.

I wanted to jump head-first into double cleansing, after hearing its praises sun far and wide, so I purchased everyone’s favorite oil cleanser at the time. A week later, my face was covered in these mysterious deep and painful breakouts that I would later learn are called cystic acne! I had lived the first 25 years of my life blissfully unscathed by acne and suddenly found myself with more self-esteem issues than I ever had as a teenager.

I quickly embraced the importance of mindful experimentation, regimented product testing, and vigilantly listening to my skin’s needs and limits. I had to accept that products that work well for other people may not (and frequently do not) work for me. This blog is my way of organizing what I’ve learned and also a way for me to keep learning. I still struggle with acne, although things have greatly improved in the time I’ve had this blog!

Here are some posts I’m especially proud of. I’m a bit fanatical about sunscreen, in case you can’t tell!

Science of Sunscreen Series:

How to Survive Tretinoin without Molting – a Dry Skinned Girl’s Guide to Curology (formerly Pocketderm)

Comparison of 8 Different Snail Creams


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