Sakura Kokoro Beauty Essence Review

There is no shortage of Asian beauty products with really, really long names and so it’s nice to find a product called something a little simpler! This serum is simply called “Beauty Essence” and is what we’re looking at today. Let’s take a look!

Product Name
Sakura Kokoro Beauty Essence 

Beauty essence that can spread smoothly over the face without any sticky feeling. Apply regularly in the morning and night to get a supple brighter skin.
Made in Japan. Halal Skincare Series

Where does it fit in your routine?
This is a serum. Use this after your lotion steps but before emulsions and creams.

Size and Price
30ML. $59.32 on Ippin, who kindly sent this to me for review. Ippin is a new Japanese e-commerce site. I wrote about them in more depth here.

This comes in a white, air-tight pump bottle covered with cherry blossom illustrations. Super cute and very practical!

There is a very light, floral fragrance. It fades quickly and I honestly don’t notice it at all anymore.

Color and texture
This serum comes out of the bottle a translucent white color. It’s a very fluid gel and melts very quickly an nicely into my skin.

What’s in it?



So here’s the thing. If you want a vitamin C serum, one with 15-20% L’Ascorbic Acid (LAA) in addition to Vitamin E and ferulic acid is objectively the best, according to science. This serum contains ascorbyl glucoside, which has some cool beenfits in its own right (see Ingredients overview above) but just isn’t in the same league. I have been using this serum twice daily for the past 3 weeks instead of my usual LAA-E-Ferulic serum and it does not produce the same effects.

That said, I enjoy using this a lot more. LAA serums are harsher (due to the low pH / acidity), smell bad, and unstable / prone to oxidation. In comparison, this serum has a lovely consistency and I can easily apply 3-4 pumps of it to my skin without any stickiness or unpleasantness. In terms of effects, this serum seems to boost hydration and prolongs the glow I get from other essences and serums that I use in my routine.

The Takeaway

This could be a good vitamin C serum for anyone looking for something gentle, fragrance-free, and/or halal and who can’t or doesn’t want to use a traditional LAA-Vit E-Ferulic Acid serum. This is a little on the expensive side but on the other hand is a vast improvement in both user experience and efficacy over the uber popular Klairs Juicy Drop Serum.

Overall Rating: 3/5

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me at no cost for review purposes. The opinions expressed are my own.

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