January Empties

Quick post for today! In a continuing effort to stop buying new things and actually use up things that I have, I will be sharing which products I’ve used up every month. As such, here are the things I’ve used up in January:


Let’s Cure Honeybunny 40 Propolis Ampoule – full review here

Of all the honey / propolis products I’ve used, this is my favorite. It’s the closest thing to an all-in-one product that works for my skin. If you don’t mind a somewhat strong scent, I highly recommend it!

Benton Honest TT Mist – full review here

I went through this thing really fast! This is great for calming my skin and is exceedingly gentle!

The Yeon MaYou 8 Multi Care Cream

I mentioned this cream in my horse oil ingredient spotlight post. It doesn’t have enough water content on its own for my skin, but if I apply over a body gel or immediately after stepping out of the shower, it leaves my skin buttery soft and smooth. I likely will not repurchase, simply because it smells strongly like orange flavored Pez candy.

Curologyreviewed here

This is my second prescription. This obliterated my acne and would have done the same with my post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, except I had to stop using it as frequently because it was so harsh on my skin. My third prescription is less potent but it’s still got my acne in check!

Not pictured because I threw these out too quickly—>

CosRX Advanced 92 Snail All In One Cream

My first empty of the year! Of the 8 snail creams I tested, this was my favorite. It leaves my skin super soft and is light enough (for my super dry skin) to mix with any variety of face oils.

Biore Aqua Rich Watery Gelreviewed here

I don’t even know how many bottles of this I’ve gone through but it’s a lot! This is my favorite sunscreen for day-to-day usage because it dries super quickly and leaves no cast.


And that’s it for January! I actually liked all of these products quite a bit and used them all fairly regularly. For February, I’m trying to focus on using up some products that I don’t reach for as frequently, so I can be done with them. What have you guys finished for January??

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