Whamisa Organic Flowers Facial Oil Review

I frequently see people recommend thick creams, oils, lotions, and etc to people with dry skin. The logic seems simple – if your skin lacks oil, why not slather some oily things on? As someone with dry skin, I get really frustrated because it’s not that simple! The reason dry skin is so problematic is because it lacks oil, which is the agent by which skin maintains hydration, and thereby dry skin also frequently lacks water. Healthy skin requires oil and water to be in equilibrium, and using a heavy oil or cream only addresses one half of the problem. -rant over-

whamisa organic flowers facial oil

I’ve mentioned before that my skin will usually not cooperate with heavy products without some coaxing by thinner, hydrating and emollient layers first. I learned this after many failed experiences with heavy creams and oils that will sit on my face, feeling heavy and doing nothing. I mention all this because these characteristics of my skin strongly dictate the way I choose, use, and experience face oils. Consider this a reminder that everyone’s skin is unique and my thoughts on this oil may be totally irrelevant for you, depending on your skin. However, if you happen to also struggle with heavy face oils that feel like they won’t sink in, maybe some of the things I learned from using this oil can help you out!

Packaging + Appearance

whamisa organic flowers facial oil
Whamisa never ceases to impress me with its packaging. I love how the subtle backdrop of flowers looks like the imprints from pressed flowers. I also love the gold etching, even though it makes the actual text (i.e. product description + ingredient list) blindingly difficult to read. In case you’re curious, the box states:

Organic Flower Fermentation Facial Oil is made of 98% of pure ingredients derived from nature, and it provides deep moisturizing and soaking into skin without stickiness. Fermented organic ingredients help skin protect from harmful environment and dryness by nourishing and moisturizing film. Also, it improves level of immunity of skin to balance skin oil-moisture and to increase absorbing power. You would feel more elastic, more moisturizing, and brighter on your skin.

The oil is housed in small but sturdy bottle that definitely feels very luxe.

The oil is bright, golden yellow in color and substantially viscous – this is definitely one of the thicker face oils I’ve come across, so I knew right away (see long winded intro) it would challenging to incorporate into my skincare routine. At first, it smells very similar to argan oil but upon further sniffing, there are distinct floral / vegetal notes that remind me of the scent of freshly cut flowers.


So let’s start with the bad. The biggest problem with this oil is that by it is thick, feels heavy, and takes forever to absorb. I learned quickly to apply very sparingly and only at night. Also, I’m willing to live with some heaviness if it means better hydration, but my skin does not feel as after application as it does after using some of my less heavy hydrating products.
whamisa organic flowers facial oil

Initially, I didn’t like this oil at all. I just didn’t see the point of using something that just sits on my skin if it isn’t even doing all that much. Luckily, facial oils are very versatile in their use and after a few angst-filled weeks where I would quietly curse this step in my routine, I realized I should probably play around with different ways of using this oil.

First, I started mixing a drop of this Whamisa oil with Cosrx Advanced Snail 92 All in One Cream and found that it makes the cream a whole lot better at retaining moisture. I chose the Cosrx cream because it is a moisturizer that sinks beautifully into my skin, making it silky and soft to the touch, but is a light cream on its own. Adding a drop of oil doesn’t compromise its ability to absorb into my skin at all, but does make it feel more protective of cold and wind, all without leaving behind any heaviness or oily glean.

I was even more excited to learn that adding a drop of this face oil also works really well with ampoules. I started adding it to the Let’s Cure Honeybunny propolis ampoule and found that the result is hydrating and moisturizing enough that I can forego using a cream at all. The ampoule packs a lot of hydration by itself and I think the extra bit of oil helps seal everything in. I also found that by not using a moisturizing cream, my sunscreen seems to sink in better in the mornings, which I’m really excited about!

If you’re sensitive to common moisturizer ingredients, such as butylene glycol or dimethicone, adding oil to an ampoule can be a good moisturizer-alternative as it is much easier to find ampoules without those ingredients than moisturizers (for example, Scinic’s Honey AIO Ampoule is both butylene glycol free and dimethicone free and mixes well with this oil as well).

Also, the scent of the Whamisa oil, which I really like, carries through nicely when it is mixed with these other products.

Lastly, I also started using this oil for massages. The thicker texture here is an advantage not only because it is less likely to drip everywhere, but also because I like having a thicker barrier my hands and my skin when I’m moving the oil around. When I work from home, sometimes I will wash my face, apply a few drops of this oil to my skin, jump in the shower, work the oil into my skin, wipe away any excess gently with a towel, then throw on a sheet mask. The oil seems to have some sort of synergistic effect with the steam in my shower and leaves my skin soft and glowing even before the sheet mask.

The ingredients of this face oil are as follows:

Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil, Camellia Japonica Seed Oil, Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil, Corylus Avellana (Hazel) Seed Oil, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Daucus Carota Satica (Carrot) Seed Oil, Oenothera Biennis (Evening Primrose) Oil, Cucurbita Pepo (Pumpkin) Seed Oil, Lactobacillus/Chrysanthemum Sinense Flower Ferment Filtrate, Lactobacillus/Nelumbium Speciosum Flower Ferment Filtrate, Lactobacillus/Taraxacum Officinale (Dandelion) Rhizome/Root Ferment Filtrate, Scutellaria Baicalensis Root Extract, Paeonia Suffruitcosa Root Extract, Glycyrrihiza Glabra (Licorice) Root Extract, Aniba Rosaeodora (Rosewood) Wood Oil, Geranium Maculatum Oil, Citrus Aurantium Bergamia (Bergamot) Fruit Oil

The primary ingredient is argan oil, which is high in  linoleic acid, making it an excellent emollient, but be warned that this oil is thicker than any argan oil I’ve used. There are also a bunch of extracts and ferments listed but they aren’t noticeable at all in the product. Lastly, if you are acne-prone, this oil does contain a number of cosdna acne triggers: olive oil, jojoba oil, and evening primrose oil.

The Takeaway

This is an oil that grew on me over time. It’s useful for adding to other products to make those products better moisturizers, but is too thick to use on its own. If you don’t mind thicker oils, you will probably like this oil but I definitely prefer something thinner.

I purchased them from GMarket for $8.37 (with Avecko’s help). It is also available on Testerkorea for ~$30 and Glow Recipe for $40 (you can use my refer-a-friend link to get $5 off your first purchase).

Whamisa Oil

Product paid for by me. No affiliate links. 

10 thoughts on “Whamisa Organic Flowers Facial Oil Review

  1. AR says:

    I’m really glad you wrote this review since I’ve been curious about this oil, since I enjoy my other Whamisa skincare products! It’s great to hear that this oil is moisturizing when mixed with the Scinic’s Honey AIO Ampoule, too. This ampule has been on my purchase list for a while, but since it’s so big I’m afraid having lots of wasted product if it isn’t moisturizing enough 🙂

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