Wishtrend Haul + Quick Overview of 23Year Old Pergillus 15 Sec. Foam Cleanser

Sometimes, I’m shocked at how lucky I get with the random skincare products I buy. In fact, it’s been awhile since I’ve had a terrible disappointment so I guess this lamentable haul from Wishtrend is overdue. It’s not all bad! In fact, there are a few things I’m super stoked about, but it’s not the proudest selection of product I’ve put together.

wishtrend haul

Also, I’ve got a brief review of 23Year Old’s Pergillus 15 Second Foam Cleanser at the end of this post. The reason it’s brief and tagged onto this haul post instead of warranting a post all by itself will become painfully obvious in a moment, but first, the haul!

The Logistics

  • Order placed: Aug 6
  • Order shipped: Aug 10
  • Order received: Aug 26

The tracking number Wishtrend sent me was worthless and hasn’t been updated since Aug 10th. Up until the moment I found this order on my doorstep, I was convinced it was lost.

I paid $70.94 for this order and got free standard shipping.


DAMOAE Therapy Shampoo

This was the main item I was after in putting together this haul. According to Pocketderm, I’ve got fungal acne (gross, I know. Sorry) and should be using a cleanser with zinc pyrithione, which is usually used to treat seborrhoeic dermatitis but its anti-fungal properties work on acne-cousing fungus as well. The problem is the recommended zinc pyrithione soap has an alleged pH of 8 or 9 (PD insisted other people have had success with this soap despite the high pH when I asked). I was in the process of searching for alternative options when I found this page on drugs.com (which seems like a source of questionably reliability) listing Damoae Therapy Shampoo as containing 1% zinc pyrithione.

I haven’t yet used this on my face (or hair for that matter) because I still need to test the pH and vet out the ingredients. It’s got Citrus Unshiu Peel Extract and Citrii Unshiu Immature Peel extract, which I am concerned about and need to do some reading on because I know the peels of some citrus fruits (i.e. grapefruit) are phototoxic. Worst case scenario, I’ve got one more shampoo to play with and judging from some of the reviews out there, it seems like this is a good one.

damoae therapy shampoo

Cosrx Acne Pimple Master Patch

These are my first experience with hydrocolloid bandages. I slapped a few of these on the night I got them on a few comedones that were open / near open. Unfortunately, they did not work as well as I had hoped. They did prevent me from picking at my face, which is good, but they didn’t really deflate anything either. I’m definitely going to use these up (part of me thinks I’m using them incorrectly somehow) but if these don’t work out, the spot treatment pink powder stuff is next on my list of things to try.


Chica y Chico Suntana 5.0

I strongly prefer chemical sunscreens to physical ones, but I’m intrigued by the use of thanakha in a sunscreen product! There was an article in the NYTimes a few years ago about how the Burmese use thanakha because it “cools the skin, prevents sun damage, clears up acne and can reduce fevers and headaches when ingested.” Also, as an ingredient with seemingly a lot of heritage, it’s not one I’ve seen in too many Korean or Japanese products. First impressions? It definitely leaves a white cast. On the other hand, its got a matte, powdery finish that I think might work nicely under makeup. More testing required but full review to come shortly.

chica y chico suntana 5.0

23Years Old Pergillus 15 Second Foam Cleanser – a Mini Review!

I really should not have bought this cleanser because I know that foam cleansers are problematic with my dry skin. However, non-foaming cleansers can be so boring and I wanted some excitement in my life! Also, I had seen a few positive reviews of this product and thought that since it contains a few fermented ingredients, maybe it would be at a good acidity and my skin would like it.

23years old pergillus 15 second foam cleanser

Sadly, things aren’t meant to be. First, there was the disappointing pH test:

23years old pergillus 15 second foam cleanser ph

The cleanser washed out some of the colors, but the red-orange square third from the left has the pH of this cleanser is somewhere near 9, which is outrageously high.

In spite of this test, I decided I needed to give this cleanser a try, just once, for science. After all, I used to use Perfect Whip, which has a pH of 8, without issue. So with my trusty pH adjusting toner nearby for damage control, I cautiously applied this cleanser to my face.

At first, things actually went well! The cleanser has a sticky, almost taffy-like consistency that is tons of fun to play with. It removed all my makeup and initially felt gentle and very moisturizing on my skin. However, all this changed the second I started rinsing. As soon as the water started to mix with the cleanser, the moisturizing feeling disappeared and was replaced by an all-too-familiar squeaky cleanness. When I ran my hands (gently) across my face, it felt like I was running my fingers across something made of rubber. There was so much friction! Going into the next day, my face still felt stripped. I was afraid this cleanser would trigger breakouts and acne, but luckily it didn’t. Still, I don’t think I will be using this again.


I swear I get the same samples from Wishtrend every time I order from them, not that I’m complaining.

DSC02605They always send me a klairs sheet mask (which is a very soothing and hydrating basic sheet mask), red serum, and a trio of chico y chico products (beta-salic 2.0, tota-S 3.0, and astazet 4.0). This time, they also included a packet of Elishacoy’s hyalurone cream, which I’m excited to try out! They also sent me a cardboard cutout of Klairs bb cream (not pictured because I lost it), which peeved me a little because what am I supposed to do with a cardboard cutout?!

Have you guys have terrible hauls? Tell me in the comments!

6 thoughts on “Wishtrend Haul + Quick Overview of 23Year Old Pergillus 15 Sec. Foam Cleanser

  1. Angela and Renee says:

    I tried that high-pH zinc soap in my desperation while waiting for my PD Acne cream to arrive. It seemed to make things calmer for three days but then everything came raging back. I don’t think my acne is of the fungal type. It might help you though! –Angela

    Liked by 1 person

    • V. Rex says:

      If my new and improved pocketderm with tretinoin (finally!) doesn’t work, I’m going to give the zinc soap a go. I just can’t get into the idea of using bar soap on my face.


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