Testerkorea Haul! My Asian Beauty Hair Discovery Begins!

This is my first order from Testerkorea! They don’t have the best reputation because sometimes they take a long time to pack orders before shipping and authorities they’ve been known to have out of stock issues. For these reasons, I’ve been avoiding them but as posted here, their selection has recently gotten REALLY interesting!

The Logistics:

  • Order placed: July 24
  • Order shipped: July 31st
  • Order received: Aug 21st

The order was actually here a week earlier, on Aug 11th, but for whatever reason it required a signature so it took me another 10 days to actually get my hands on it.

I paid about 62000 KRW or about $52.40 for the goods plus 13000 KRW or $11 for shipping.


Missha Signature Essence Cushion  – Piet Mondrian Edition

The main reason for this haul was to get this cushion!

missha signature essence cushion piet mondrian edition

I thought something was up when I ordered because there was no option to select a shade but I was expecting a DIY cushion, like the magic cushion case, and was all ready to fill it up with my own little concoction but instead it’s just a shell!

missha cushion case piet mondrian

Still pretty though! Just need to get my hands on a Missha signature refill I guess.

missha signature cushion case

Holika Holika Perfume Dress Midnight Glam Hair Shampoo and Treatment

I’ve been using L’oreal’s Eversleek shampoo and conditioner for the past couple of months and my hair has never looked worse! I wanted to give the whole sulfate and silicone free thing a try but I should have taken it as a red flag that this shampoo targets frizz. My hair is thick, bone-straight, and coarse (without an appropriate shampoo) but definitely not frizzy. I went a bit overboard and bought a bunch of shampoos (and other hair stuff), two in this haul and another in a Wishtrend haul.

holika holika perfume dress midnight glam shampoo conditioner

History of Whoo Spa Essence Shampoo and Rinse

Shampoo (and rinse) number two! So here’s the thing with this shampoo + rinse. I’m a BIG ginseng fan but this stuff smells SO STRONGLY of ginseng. I gave this a try a few days ago and for a moment I felt like I was asphyxiating. That said, my hair looked pretty incredible the next day. It was extra shiny and cool. I’ve got thick black hair that likes to absorb heat from the sun and trap it. If I go hiking in areas without substantial tree cover, I have to bring along some sort of hat or I get migraines from the heat (luckily, I don’t like hiking). With this shampoo and rinse combo, I noticed that my hair stayed cooler than usual. Not sure if anyone else has issues with their hair overheating but if you do, give this shampoo a try! If I don’t get sick of the ginseng smell, I’ll probably pick up the real bottles on my next haul because they are mighty pretty!

history of whoo spa shampoo rinse

Innisfree Mineral Stick Concealer

I needed a concealer. I’m a big fan of Innisfree’s mineral moisture foundation so I opted for their concealer. So far, I like it.

innisfree concealer

SU:M37 Flawless Regenerating Eye Cream

Apparently I bought four packs of these?! I meant to buy two, one for me and one for a friend! So far, I don’t think I like this as much as Sulwhasoo’s Timetreasure Renovating Eye Cream but it’s not bad either.

su:m37 secret programming cream

Etude House My Beauty Tool Lovely Ettie Hair Band aka Cat Ears

I haven’t used these yet because immediately after I took this picture I misplaced these. I’m 95% sure they are somewhere in my hoard of yet-to-be-used Asian Beauty products so I’m not too worried, but I do plan on digging these out and trying them on soon! I’m more of a dog person than cat person, but these are so cute!

etude house cat ears


I’ve completely forgiven Testerkorea for taking A WHOLE WEEK to pack and ship my order. Why? The samples they sent me were amazing! As much as I like getting samples, I only end up using maybe 20% of the ones I receive because they just aren’t items I’m interested in. Testerkorea though, either got really lucky with picking samples of items I am / have been interested in or has developed some sort of predictive algorithm to pick samples because I literally am excited about EVERYTHING I got.

testerkorea samples

Clockwise from top left:

  • La’dor Natural Nutrition Shampoo — In case you didn’t notice, I bought quite a few hair products with this order. Apparently, Testerkorea noticed and not only sent me a shampoo sample, but one at an ideal pH!
  • Rubelli UV Protection Suncream — I’m a bit of a sunscreen junkie and I don’t think I’ve ever received a sunscreen sample before this one. Well done TK.
  • From Nature Age Treatment Essence — Someone posted about this on reddit some time ago and it’s been on my wishlist since then. Check out this sexyaf ingredient list!
  • Tosowoong Monster Cream — I don’t even know what this is for but monster cream? Sign me up!
  • Goodal Superseed Creamy Plus Hydrating Cream — I’m a big fan of the Waterest Lasting Water Oil (original formula) but haven’t actually tried any other Goodal products. Hoping this one works out.
  • CANDY!!! I love candy.

But seriously, color me impressed! I foresee more TK hauls in my future, after I get off my no-buy, of course!

That’s it for now! I have a Wishtrend haul that came in today that I will be posting about soon, so watch out for that!

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