PSA: TesterKorea Now Carries Cremorlab, Whamisa, The Yeon, and a few other Miscellaneous Good Finds!

TesterKorea is famous for two reasons: cheap samples of expensive stuff and insanely slow shipping speeds. Due to the latter reason, they’ve been blacklisted in my mind. Today, while shopping around for the Mondrian Missha cushion, I found myself on TK’s pages and was really surprised by the breadth of their selection! Here are some of the best (IMO) finds.

Word of warning: I have no clue if they’ve fixed their logistical issues. I just placed an order so I guess I’m about to find out, but if you do end up ordering anything know that you may need to be extra patient about receiving your goods.

Missha Cushion with Piet Mondrian Print

Starting with the item that rekindled my relationship with TK. You can find it here for 8,300 KRW, which is just over $7. I realized after I placed my order that there was no option to pick a shade. Oops! I really just wanted the case though, so I’m not too worried.

missha piet mondrian

Whamisa Toners, Mists, Water Creams, Hydrogels Masks & Etc

Whamisa is an awesome Avecko buy because it’s easy to find in Korea at deeply discounted prices, but if you’re not quite ready to test the waters of Avecko yet, the prices on TK are not bad. They have a pretty large selection too!

Update: Looks like they’ve added more, including water creams and cleansing oils!

whamisa toner mist hydrogel organic flowers lotion feminine wash

16Brand by Chosungah

This is a brand spanking new fun and colorful make-up brand produced by Chosungah that seems to have really impressive staying power. Limited selection so far, but it seems like they’ve just added it so likely there is more to come!


Scinic and Shara Shara AIO Ampoules

It seems like more and more vendors are carrying these ampoules, probably due to their growing popularity, but TK’s got some of the lowest prices I’ve seen. For example, I ordered a Scinic Honey AIO ampoule (which is awesome, btw) through Avecko for about $12 and TK has it for about $13. The varieties they have are: Scinic Honey and Snail + Shara Shara Honey, Berry, and Aqua!

ampoules scinic shara shara honey snail berry aqua all in one

Cremorlab Essence and Mask

The masks are sold in packs of ten for 30,000 won, which comes out to be $2.60 a pop, and the essence is currently selling for $26.54. So far, there are only these two items. Hopefully they’ll be adding more soon!

cremorlab mask and mineral essence


This is a brand I’ve been interested in but haven’t found a lot of sellers for. TesterKorea’s selection is HUGE and includes three different colored hallabang oranges!
yeon (1)

Dermalift Intensiderm Aqua Rich Cream

Samples of this cream were included in a Memebox before Memebox jumped the shark. This is a product I’ve searched high and wide for and was unable to find, but TK has it now!


Evercos / Cosline Masks

Someone posted about this one over at /r/asianbeauty but it bears repeating, I think, because these masks are AWESOME and somewhat difficult to get (11st and Avecko are your other options).

cosline evercos masks

That’s all for now! Has anyone seen any other good finds on TesterKorea?

5 thoughts on “PSA: TesterKorea Now Carries Cremorlab, Whamisa, The Yeon, and a few other Miscellaneous Good Finds!

  1. Crazy Snail Lady says:

    I am so happy about this, since I’ve just gotten back into ordering from them. They shipped my last order out within a very reasonable time-frame and sent a ton of great Banila Co samples, including a mini Clean It Zero and a full-sized lip crayon that I really like! Now I can try those Cremorlab and Evercos masks!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. germaine says:

    Hi, thanks for your post. I’m excited to learn about Tester Korea! I have a question– what does it mean when the sample products have something like “1ml – 10ea” in the name or description? Does it mean (like I’m hoping) that you get 10 1ml samples for the listed price? Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

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