Avecko Haul: Whamisa & Scinic!

I actually received this at the end of June (June 27th!) but my day job has been a bit crazy as of late and is interfering with my ability to enjoy my new goodies. This is the last one I’m going to be getting for awhile because I’m running out of storage space for everything I’m getting!

What is Avecko?

Avecko is a magical service that allows you to buy things not normally available to people outside Korea. You submit links of items, beauty or otherwise, to Avecko who orders and receives the items, then boxes everything up and ships it to you, wherever you are in the world. This is my third order with Avecko. You can read about my earlier haul here.

What I Ordered and How Much I Paid

avecko haul whamisa scinic

Left to right:

  • Whamisa Organic Flowers BB Cream // 6600 KRW or $5.77 USD
  • Whamisa Organic Flowers Cleansing Oil // 8400 KRW or $8.08 USD
  • Whamisa Organic Flowers Facial Oil // 8700 KRW or $8.37 USD
  • Scinic All in One Ampoule // 12900 KRW or $12.40 USD

Total product cost + 10% handling fee came out to $39.62. Shipping came out to $22.20. Whamisa items purchased from GMarket. Scinic item purchased off of 11st.

Pictures of the Haul!

whamisa organic flowers bb cream

whamisa organic flowers bb cream

Whamisa Organic Flowers BB Cream.

This is a really strange product (review coming up real soon I promise!). I’m thankful they listed the ingredients in English, but could they have picked a more difficult color scheme to read?

whamisa cleansing oil

whamisa cleansing oil

Whamisa Organic Flowers Cleansing Oil.

I got this to replace my Innisfree Apple Juicy cleansing oil. The bottle is plastic but a really pretty addition to my bathroom counter nonetheless!

whamisa facial oil

whamisa facial oil

Whamisa Organic Flowers Facial Oil.

Can’t lie, Sunday Riley Juno is the facial oil I really want, but this one will do in the meantime. Also, I just signed up for Pocketderm, which I’ve heard can lead to flakiness, so I’m trying to up my moisture game.

scinic aio

scinic aio honey

Scinic All in One Honey Ampoule.

This one I got because of all the rave reviews out there. I’ve been let down by a number of HG-for-others items (ahem, Clean it Zero, Benton essence and steam cream) but I have high hopes for this one!

Have you tried any of these items?

22 thoughts on “Avecko Haul: Whamisa & Scinic!

  1. hellocoldworld says:

    Hey VanityRex! How is the performance of Scinic Honey AIO Ampoule? Heard many nice reviews about the SharaShara one instead of it… now I’m torn on which one should I get! So please make a review about the Scinic one — does it leave a little bit sticky film after applied?

    Liked by 1 person

    • V. Rex says:

      Hey there! I will try to get a full review up in a few days! To summarize I really like it! I’ve never used the Shara Shara one so I can’t really compare, but the Scinic one is really nice to apply and full of great ingredients! It definitely has a bit of stickiness so I only apply a tiny amount when I use it. The exception there is sometimes I’ll apply more and slap a sheet mask on over it (I do this mostly to use up sheet masks I don’t love). I do have a similar ampoule (let’s cure honeybunny propolis ampoule) that I like more but it’s a bit harder to get ahold of and more expensive by the ml.


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