Sungwon Maeux Horse Oil Cream Review



Horse fat. For all you vegans or horse lovers out there, now is the time to stop reading!

For everyone else, horse fat is known to have many benefits for skin (which I’ll get into a little bit later), one of which is its similarity to the oil produced by human skin, making it highly compatible with human skin. As someone with really dry skin that doesn’t play well with most oils, horse oil is a bit of a godsend. This is my second horse oil product. I was adequately impressed by the first but wanted something with even more horse fat. I assumed this product would, on account of the fact that it is a cream, but now realize that was an unfounded assumption and I can’t actually confirm or refute, but regardless I’m glad I gave this product a try!


Koreadepart. If you ever want to kill an hour or two browsing an endless array of Korean skincar, cosmetic, food, and even fashion items, KD will not disappoint.



Jar comes in a nice, cylindrical package that keeps it nice and safe during transport. The cream itself comes in a standard glass jar.


Pretty standard thick, cream texture. I usually stay away with products with this kind of texture because they usually sit on top of my skin, feel icky, and don’t do anything to help the dry state of my skin. This cream is slightly yellow in color has a vaguely citrus scent. I used to eat a lot of creme fraiche with lemon curd, and this reminds me of that.



A little bit of this cream goes a long way. It is an effective occlusive and even sinks into my skin pretty well. It doesn’t provide hydration by itself, so if you have dehydrated skin, you will definitely need another product to layer under this.


I use this at night at the very end of my PM routine. When I wake up in the morning, my skin is soft and hydrated. In fact, I’ve only been using the Goodal water oil under my sunscreen these days and have not had any skin flakiness. This cream is also great at night because my roommates apparently like to sleep in arctic conditions and blast the air conditioning accordingly (but seriously, there have been times I’ve gotten up in the middle of the night to turn down the AC because I’m cold and then in the morning I notice it’s been set back to a colder temp), which is doing all sorts of unfortunate thing to my already parched skin. Basically, this cream is like vaseline upgraded. It seals hydration in and provides protection from the elements. However, also like vaseline, I would never ever be able to wear this during the day. This is a pretty big flaw considering this is not sold as a night cream.


Here is the ingredient list, translated by yours truly, with cosdna acne triggers indicated in red and irritants highlighted in yellow.

sungwon maeux horse oil cream

HORSE FAT is the star ingredient here. It is high in unsaturated fatty acids, such as alpha-linolenic acids and linoleic acids, that cannot be produced in the body and has a composition similar to oil produced by human skin, making it highly permeable. It was used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat eczema and acne and also allegedly improves blood circulation.

Some other interesting ingredients are niacinamide, squalane, ceramide 3, and a half dozen extracts including portulaca oleracea, centella asiatica, green tea, licorice, and camomile. Unfortunately, in light of fanserviced’s explanation of how ingredient lists work in Korea, it’s impossible to tell what the concentration of each of these ingredients is.

This is also true of horse fat, which shows up 18th on the list. This is a pretty big leg down, and next time I am definitely getting one of those hardcore 100% horse creams that comes in a peanut butter jars, but at the end of the day this cream is a good occlusive cream that does what I expected it to do, so I can’t be that disappointed.


This cream is basically fancy vaseline with great skin permeability. Not recommended for oily skin or (alas) warm-climate dwellers.

Pros: Great occlusive, doesn’t feel greasy

Cons: Too thick for daytime wear, does not actually contain very much horse fat

Texture 3/5
Effectiveness 5/5
Fragrance 3/5
Price 5/5
Repurchase? No

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