LHJ Tea Tree 90 Essence

I avoided this essence for a long time because my previous experience with tea tree oil was in the form of a cleanser that was stinky and too harsh on my already parched skin. However, three months ago the now famous Banila & Co Clean it Zero cleanser brought on an acne storm the likes of which I’ve never experienced. I got through puberty with maybe a dozen zits and so the last couple of months have been a belated but zealous education in all things acne.

My skin is 90% back to its usual trouble-free self (shout out to C20 OST!), but a stubborn patch of closed comedones still occupies my right cheek. I’ve read enough to know I should probably be using α-hydroxy acids (AHAs), but between my vitamin C and retinal treatments, I wanted something simpler and decided to give this essence a go.


The Essence

The bottle is glass and feels quite sturdy. Ingredient list is free of irritants and acne triggers and contains a whopping 90% tea tree essence, which I am assuming is similar to tea tree oil.


Comes with a dropper. Unlike tea tree oil, tea tree essence seems to be odor free. This is good. Tea tree oil stinks.


Consistency is watery but a tad bit thicker than than Missha FTE. Does not sink in as quickly either, but does not take to long.


Three days into using this essence, I woke up to my face feeling tight, particularly around my cheeks. This probably means that the 90% tea tree essence is effectively doing its astringent duties (good news), but I did begin to question whether I should carry on using it. My skin has been making notable strides in moisture retention (thanks in part to Goodal’s waterest lasting water oil), and I did not want an astringent to undo any of that work. The dryness persisted despite my morning routine and through the whole morning. Ultimately, I decided this essence is not for me. Oh well. Time to find a good aha to replace this with.

Final Thoughts: Not recommended for fellow dry skin sufferers, but seems to be an effective astringent for those looking to get excess oil under control.

4/20/15 Edit : I was listening to a podcast on Chemists Corner with one Robert Tisserand, who is an expert on aromatherapy oils, and around 14 minutes in he mentions tea tree oil and how there is a huge opportunity for someone to come in and make an anti-acne product and I immediately thought of this product. Makes me want to give this another go… maybe. 

Texture 4/5
Effectiveness 5/5
Fragrance 5/5
Price 3/5
Repurchase? No – not suitable for my skin type

2 thoughts on “LHJ Tea Tree 90 Essence

  1. laura says:

    I honestly have the same problem. I have dry skin and few small but persistent pimples near my hairline and jaws and bought this essence but my skin looks really dull and tired after using it. Maybe I could use it as a spot treatment and not all over my face, what do you say?

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