Komenuka Bijin Deep Moisture Jell Cream

On Komenuka Bijin and Rice Bran Oil

Komenuka Bijin is a Japanese skin care brand that utilizes rice bran as its star ingredient. Rice bran contains a form of liquefied Oryzanol (Vitamin B), which according to the marketing material can help soften the skin and regenerate new, healthy skin. Rice bran certainly is nutritious and I did manage to dig up this little bit of research (but small sample size and no access to full report = can’t comment on the robustness of the experiment’s design) demonstrating rice bran’s success in 1.) enhancing hydration and 2.) improving lightening, thickness, roughness, and elasticity in human skin. However, my guess is those results are due to Rice Bran oil’s occlusivity (aka moisture retention-ability, which is very good but not necessarily any better than more common oils such as jojoba, shea, or olive) more than its micronutrient content. If every oil did half the things it advertised, botox peddlers around the world would be out of business. They’re not.

This is the third product I’ve tried from Komenuka Bijin, the other two being the Body Care Cream (great for lizard-dry skin) and Makeup Base Cream (terrible in every way). I’m not sure why I purchased this but it’s probably a combination of my need for a night cream at the time and the discounted price and positive reviews on Amazon.

15 - 1

Deep Moisture Jell Cream

This “deep moisture jell cream” comes in a sturdy tub. The website identifies this item as a night cream, but no where on the jar itself is this specified (at least not in English). The title is really odd. Wtf is a jell cream? Made up names make me very uncomfortable. Either way, this stuff is thick, heavy, dense, and about as un-gel-like as you can get.

vRex - 3

Ingredients are listed below. There are a few potential acne triggers and irritants from CosDNA below, that have been marked accordingly below, but nothing greater than a 2 showed up.

Water, Rice Bran, Aloe, Jojoba oil, Olive Oil, Glycerin, Butylene glycol, Hydrolized collagen, SAKE, Caramel, Fucus vesiculosus, Chamomilla, Morus alba root, Lecithin, Paraben, Citric acid, Potassium hydroxide.

With night creams, I’m either looking for something that will deliver enough moisture that I wake up with dewy and baby soft skin, or something with active light-sensitive ingredients I can’t use in the morning. This cream satisfies neither criteria. In fact, the reason I suspect it’s marketed as a night cream is because it’s so thick and heavy you would never want to wear it during the day. Once applied to my skin, this cream never feels like it sinks in and in the morning, my face feels, well not sticky, but a little but dusty, until I wash it off.

vRex - 2

vRex - 1

Inspired by this video and as a last ditch effort to make this cream work for me, I tried applying this cream after washing my face but without toweling any water off, which was a mild improvement. The cream did a fantastic job retaining extra water on my skin, but I was hoping the extra moisture would boost cream absorption, which it might have but not enough for me to keep using this on my face.

I do imagine this cream and technique is good for sealing in moisture if you live in a super cold and windy climate, but since I live in the land of perpetual sunshine and happiness I can’t really test out that theory, so I will probably be using this cream on my feet and elbows until I run out.

Final Thoughts: Skip it unless you live somewhere really cold and windy. Far denser than a face cream should be.

Texture 2/5
Effectiveness 3/5
Fragrance 3/5
Price 2/5
Repurchase? No

*Rice bran can also allegedly help treat skin disorders such as chronic itch, problems caused by allergies, dandruff, and other skin problems.

2 thoughts on “Komenuka Bijin Deep Moisture Jell Cream

  1. CC says:

    it is a bit heavy but a little bit goes along way. I think “Jell cream” is just an odd mistranslation, not a true description of anything. I also wonder if you aren’t suppose to use a lotion (what we erroneously call toner) and/or essence with it first, as is the general Japanese way of skin care. I often wonder if more expensive rice derived products would work better but I haven’t tried it. I will say this. I have a skin condition that thickens and darkens spots on my hands, face and feet. This product has soften the skin and reduced the darkness. The spots are still there but they no longer look like bruises and only a small fraction of what they were. The RX bleaching creme my dermatologist gave me couldn’t accomplish this. I’ll take a little bit of heaviness if this is the result I get. This is only my personal experience with it.


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