Travel Friendly 2nd Cleansers 

In 2017, I spent 97 nights in a hotel, mostly for short work trips, and took a lot of flights. Planes turn me into a pathological germaphobe. I travel with 3 types of sanitizing wipes - Wet Wipes for armrest, air vents, and tray table, Purell wipes for my hands, Zeiss wipes for electronics - and … Continue reading Travel Friendly 2nd Cleansers 


Ingredient Spotlight: Bifida Ferment Lysate

One of my college roommates was obsessed with drinking kombucha, a rather expensive habit for a college student, so she made her own. At any given time, there were two jumbo sized mason jars that sat on our bookshelf in which resided a pancake sized and shaped SCOBY that would scare many an unsuspecting visitor. … Continue reading Ingredient Spotlight: Bifida Ferment Lysate

Kuramoto Bijin Hakumai Ferment Milk and Hakumai Fermentation Lotion Review

Lately, I've been really, really into sake products and after many late nights browsing google-translated Japanese shopping sites pondering where this obsession comes from, finally concluded I have a weird nostalgic attachment to how sake smells. More so than any other month, Autumn is the season for nostalgia and so it feels like an appropriate … Continue reading Kuramoto Bijin Hakumai Ferment Milk and Hakumai Fermentation Lotion Review

NMNL – July Box First Impressions & UnBoxing

I normally would not accept subscription boxes for review but back in June, NoMakeNoLife (NMNL), one of the newest Japanese beauty boxes serving international beauty fans, included a full size of a sunscreen that is not only one of my favorites for daily use but also one with limited International distribution in their box. This impressed … Continue reading NMNL – July Box First Impressions & UnBoxing